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Tecumseh, Ontario     (519) 979-5229

Roxy's Pedigree

Roxy is now retired

Click here to see Roxy & Bear's puppies born Feb 18,2007

Click here to see Roxy & Bosco's puppies born May 23, 2006

Click here to see pictures of Roxy and Winston's puppies born Sept.11,  2005


Our Girls

Hickson's Naughty Lola Meere was born April, 24, 2006,

Lola's Pedigree

We are expecting puppies from Lola & Diesel, Spring 2009




Meere's Sweet Georgia Peach is the daughter of Roxy & Bear!

Geogia was born Feb.18, 2007 Check back for updates on Georgia.


Stud Dogs



Meere's Oliver St. Louis (Oliver) is the son of Roxy & Bear and also Georgia's brother. Oliver was born February 18, 2007 and he has just joined our breeding program. Oliver is available for stud service to approved bitches.



Meere's Deisel Tank Engine (call name Deisel) is the son of Roxy & Winston, and  he has proven himself as a worthy stud dog. Deisel is owned by Tammy, and he is available for stud services to approved bitches, please contact me for info.

Deisel's Pedigree



About Us

We are a small home based breeder of English Bulldogs located in Tecumseh, Ontario (just outside Windsor, Ontario and minutes from the Windsor/Detroit border). We occasionally have quality puppies available to responsible, loving homes. All of our puppies are raised underfoot with lots of love and affection, our puppies are bred from champion bloodlines to ensure that healthy, beautiful purebred bulldogs are born.

Upon choosing a  bully baby from us you will receive with your puppy:

   balls161.gif 0.1K  Canadian Kennel Club registration

  balls161.gif 0.1K   1 Year health guarantee

   balls161.gif 0.1K  Complete vet check / first vaccinations

   balls161.gif 0.1K   Microchip

    balls161.gif 0.1K  Of course a healthy, happy bulldog puppy!!!


Click here to see pictures of past puppies

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Jim & Jennifer Meere

(519) 979-5229


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